Are you scared of being called a fake guru?

Hey! I am Huzaifa Shareef.

An SEO freelance copywriter who helps coaches make more sales, without being called a fake guru.
Freelance SEO Copywriter - Huzaifa Shareef
Freelance SEO Copywriter - Huzaifa Shareef
Guess who is wading through websites to find someone who could increase his/her sales with a guarantee? 👀

Hey! I am Huzaifa Shareef.

An SEO freelance copywriter who helps coaches make sales, of course with a guarantee.
Guess who is wading through websites to find someone who could increase his/her sales with a guarantee? 👀
Freelance SEO Copywriter - Huzaifa Shareef

Hey! I am Huzaifa Shareef.

An SEO freelance copywriter who helps coaches make sales, of course with a guarantee.
Are you a coach who is worried because
you have no
Are you a coach who is worried because you have
Are you a coach who is worried because
you have no

Let me tell you what you need.

No, not yet another business book.

More marketing budget, free services to 10 clients? Spamming Facebook groups & friends' inboxes? No no no!

You need someone who would do the real work for you.

And what is that real work?

Rebranding? Personal branding? Graphic designing?

Hell, no!

Your sales depend upon two things;
✅The Offer
✅The copy

I help you craft an offer along with the copy. The offer includes:
✅A Big Idea
✅Risk reversal
The copy includes:
✅Catchy Hook
✅Selling Angle
✅An irresistible CTA
To get you more sales than you are getting now.

But what if you don't increase your sales?

I continue to work for FREE until I create results. It's that simple.

Increase Your Sales With My

Sales Page

No ads or VSLs work if your product/service doesn't have a highly converting sales page. I offer my clients converting landing pages, sales pages, and opt-in pages copy with a sales page.

Lead Magnets

Do you want to get leads of prospects whom you could retarget for the rest of your life? I will write you a lead magnet. Offer it to them for free and see them begging to give you their leads.

SM Ad copy

Not getting enough clicks on your ads? What if I told you, that I can (gently) force your audience to click on your ad with a highly engaging ad copy? If they don't, you don't pay me.

Video Sales Letters

83% of marketers prefer videos when it comes to advertisement. They all know that people love to see. I will write a scroll-stopping and CTA-oriented VSL script for you.

Email copy

Have an email list? Why not make the most of it? I offer email copywriting for newsletters, sales sequence, and cold outreaching with ROI as high as 42% and open-rate 50%.

Funnel Building

Want to rewire your entire marketing strategy? Let's hop on a call and build a new funnel from scratch. A funnel that helps you acquire clients, retain them and make them regular buyers.

Want to see my samples before making your next big decision?

Didn't find the service you are looking for?

"But Huzaifa, Why You?"

Are you some superman?"

I outstand with these one-of-their-kind qualities

Advanced Marketing Strategy

Most copywriters just focus on 'writing'. I make your offer unique by spending more time researching than writing.

A/B Testing & Revisions

Finding the winning copy for your business is on me. No matter how many tests it requires, I will handle it.

Free 30-min consultancy

Before we start, you get a chance to claim a FREE 30-minute consultancy call. Ask me as many questions as you want.

Successful Case Studies

With 186 clients in 25+ countries, I have already helped brands increase their sales. Check out my portfolio!

Express Turnaround

I don't make you wait on the 'waiting list' to get started. All it takes to get started is to hop on a FREE 30-min discovery call.

Certified SEO Copywriter

I am a certified SEO who writes SEO copy that helps you rank at the top, attract users, and convert them.

Clients' Testimonials


Project Manager

I have been working in my field for quite a while, and have to say the work I received was more than I could have expected. Very clear, very concise, and engaging content. Quick with revisions and receptive to feedback, I'm already planning to hire him for additional work as we speak. An incredibly, kind, and humble person as well!

client for seo copywriting

Jaleed Mahmood


I came across Huzaifa and found him professional in his field. He is very creative & knowledgeable writer. One thing I noticed is that he gets the concept of the script very quickly and delivers it within no time. I am still working with him and he helped me a lot and hopefully I will continue working with him because he is an expert. Great writer & great person as well.

Motivational speaker Rizwan Rashid

Rizwan Rashid

Sales Trainer

Intelligent, Sophisticated and Punctual freelancer - Who knows how to communicate well and execute according to the contract. I was pleased to know his ability to accept constructive criticism and employed these to make changes, as required. Certainly rehiring him for another long project - Thank you for everything, Huzaifa Shareef


Facebook Ad Manager

He did a great job by researching on his own to better understand my business and deliver high-quality work without asking many questions. He's a professional! Will definitely hire him again.

Are you ready
  • to jump into the zone of INCREASED SALES?
  • uplift your customer acquisition?
  • to be an icon of your niche?

The art of compelling through words!

In a business world full of 'word-counters', have  a unique copy that actually engages a reader and generates leads. A new world begins when you visit a page composed by a professional copywriter!

My Story

A Freelance SEO Copywriter

I am a Pakistan-based freelancer and a copywriter. Academically, I am an MBBS Student at DUHS. I pursued my career as a freelance copywriter on Upwork and Fiverr. My basic skills comprise of SEO, copywriting, article writing and script writing. These are coupled with a hot chocolate-fudge topping of WordPress skills. I have got an immense interest in home gardening & gaming.

Huzaifa Shareef - Freelance SEO Copywriter
Huzaifa Shareef
Huzaifa Shareef - Freelance SEO Copywriter

My vision

Being a freelancer & a YouTube trainer, I have a bi-dimensional vision. When you hire me, my first priority would be uplifting your business and maintaining the integrity of my career.

I am intended to create a positive image of my beloved country, Pakistan, among the international potential buyers. As my tagline says, “Never compromise on the outcome.”

As a YouTube trainer, my aim is to provide my viewers first-hand experience of my freelancing journey. My vision would be turned into a reality if I could help at least 1,000 Pakistani freelancers begin their careers in professional freelancing.

FAQ about my services

Health & wellness niche is my favorite and the strongest one. Yet it isn’t the only niche I write on. You can check out my number of articles here. 

Internet is full of business websites. Almost everyone is doing SEO at their part. What google promotes is, you provide value/information to the reader. I do so. Next comes converting the reader into YOUR customer, not your competitors’ customers. This is where a copywriter plays his game. 

I don’t have a consistent rate. My payout may depend on the nature of the project and the niche. 

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Read my blogs. Follow me on social media. Stay tuned!