Best institutes for MCAT Preparation In Karachi

Best Institutes For MCAT Preparation In Karachi [2020]

Who AM I?

I am a fresher at Dow Medical College, Karachi, studying MBBS. By Allah’s grace, I have made my way to the best Medical School in the province. I’m striving to share with you, my experience and tactics, that in my perspective, have played a great role in my career.

In my blog on How I made it to MBBS, I have highlighted the significance of MCAT preparation institutions.

You can check out my detailed eBook guide on getting admission in MBBS.

Importance of Coaching for MCAT Preparation

During your entire Pre-medical journey, you will have dozens of mentors, each having a unique opinion. A number of people will suggest you not to go for coaching in order to prepare for MDCAT.

I am deliberately declaring that unless you are extremely hardworking or intellectual, you can’t do well in MCAT just by revising what you learned in intermediate.

We had been using calculators for even basic maths in intermediate. There is nothing like a calculator in MCAT preparation. How you are going to deal with exponential numbers without calculators? This is where an experienced physics teacher is required.

Best Institutes For MCAT Preparation In Karachi

Based on the feedback provided by the students, I have created a list of the few best MCAT Preparation institutes in Karachi.

Disclaimer: This post does not include any paid promotion nor it is meant to defame group/institute.

Time Collegiate

Time collegiate is among the pioneers of MCAT Preparation institutions in Karachi. It constitutes an MCAT Preparation Network since 1998.

Time Collegiate has five branches all over the city. This is the coaching where I went, after doing extensive research and surveys.

For anyone looking for an MCAT preparation coaching out there, I would straightly suggest him Time Collegiate. These are the reasons why.

What I liked:

  • The faculty; it’s experienced and amazing!
  • Their frequent MCQs-based tests.
  • Provision of Sheets for MCQs.
  • The daily dose of motivation by the teachers.
  • The classrooms and its temperature. [You know how it’s outside in Karachi during May-September.]

What I disliked:

  • Assessment system; no proper result.
  • Lack of punctuality.

Meritorious Education Center

Meritorious Education Center is another renowned name in MCAT preparation. It has branches in PIB & P.E.C.H.S.

It has been recommended by most of the students for its excellent faculty and assessment system. According to my surveys, the Meritorious Coaching Center is the second best coaching center for MCAT preparation in Karachi. Their faculty for Biological sciences constitutes the stars of the field.

You have got to take an early action to get there though! They cease the admission procedure mostly after January.


IBAGrads was one of my picks for taking admission. They had a compelling administration, a great environment and amazing teachers.

I had been all set to make my final decision, but IBA Grads doesn’t provide a demo class. This is where I felt my 35K insecure. [I wish IBAGrads administration reads my blog.]

Why You Might Like:

  • Separate buildings for boys & girls.
  • The huge success rate in the past
  • Interactive teachers

Why You May Not:

  • Only the e-learning method for females.
  • No demo.

Anees Hussain’s Coaching Center

A pioneer in ECAT, Anees Hussain is the biggest ECAT & MCAT preparation network. They are showing some good results, as per the feedback provided by the students.

The most recommended branch is the Bahadurabad branch. Whereas others have either too much student strength or have a poor studying environment.

Some Other Institutes For MCAT Preparation

The following are the few known names in MCAT that have overwhelmingly poor feedback. Besides their BIG names, students don’t have pleasant experiences to share with.

Doctor’s Inn

Considered as the tycoon in MCAT Preparation, Doctor’s Inn has failed to satisfy its SUPER BRILLIANT students.

No vacancies are left as soon as the result of 1st year is released. Moreover, you are going to be FIRED if you score below 70% in HSC-I.

Students’ Feedback:

  • No follow-up
  • Over-loaded classes
  • Inexperienced faculty

AdamJee Coaching Center

AdamJee Coaching Center is a popular name in Intermediate & Metric Coaching. However, it hasn’t got any great feedback.

Even the students who made it to medical schools have serious objections.

Students’ Feedback:

  • Poor faculty of Chemistry.
  • No proper guidance or motivation
  • Loads of tests with no follow-up.

I would not recommend it to anyone. Their teaching style is same as that of Intermediate.

MAK Coaching Center

MAK Collegiate possesses a qualified faculty for intermediate coaching. In spite of that, they have not yet evolved as a GREAT platform for MCAT preparation.

Students’ Feedback:

  • Inter-level teaching.
  • No assessment system.
  • Lack of Motivation

Your Role

We have talked a lot about the role of the academies in MCAT preparation. The truth is, these academies are meant to merely guide you. They are supposed to provide you material for practice.

You have to self-assess and self-learn. This is going to be your foundation of self-learning in MBBS. Happy learning!

6 thoughts on “Best Institutes For MCAT Preparation In Karachi [2020]”

  1. (5/5)

    Dear Huzaifa,

    You are doing the great job regarding awareness of electing the best institute for MCAT preparation in Karachi. On considering your hierarchy for institutes, Time College is the top most institute which you suggested. I just wanted to know that which branch of Time college holding the best faculty in town and from which branch you had engaged in MCAT preparation.
    Waiting for prompt response from your side as the time is of essence and crucial these days.

    Muhtashim Ahmed

  2. (5/5)

    Hi brother My name is hassan. My family moved in Karachi since January. I have a younger brother who’s studying Pre-Medical and very ambitious and aimful to get admitted in some medical college of Karachi.
    The problem is
    1. He has the Domicile of Punjab So, is it possible to get admission in sindh medical colleges. If yes, name few of them to help me.
    2. Also could you please give some advice to him.

    I’ll be very grateful, if you reply me.

  3. (5/5)

    I have to give mdcat this year plz plz recommend me the best institute for preparation. I was thinking to join doctors inn or adamjee but their reviews are not good. So what should I do??

    1. Doctors inn is best in my opinion,Therefore it depends on you that how you study and how hard work you do.
      Hence these institutes are for only helping students for there understanding hope you understand.

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