How to get admission in MBBS - How I made it to Medical School

How to get admission in MBBS | How I made it to Medical School

What Fascinates You About Doctors?

I am the son of a Medical Doctor. My mother—a Health practitioner—has played her game very well. She wanted me to get into MBBS. Therefore, since my elementary school days, she has imprinted Medicine as a holy field in my mind.

Is your case the same? What urges you to become a doctor? The thought of helping the patients? Is it the feeling of being called a doctor?

Does the glamour of doctors attract you towards medicine? Or posting your photos on Instagram in ‘the white coat‘ is the thing that pushes you up?

Whatever attracts you, getting into MBBS is a privilege for Pre-Medical Students. You deserve to enjoy this privilege.

Unfortunately, getting into MBBS isn’t like assembling the cogs into a machine—that is—it doesn’t have a step-by-step guide. Some things may work for me, and others may not. While others may work overwhelmingly for you.

However, there are certain rules to get to your desired place. These ‘evergreen rules’ differ for every field. You may consult an entrepreneur before setting up a business. You might consult an architect before building your home. Likewise, you must consult a recent Medical school student if you are confused about how to get into MBBS.

I have put together a detailed eBook on basic secrets to getting admission in MBBS. Get yours here.

Who Am I?

I’m a fresher at Dow Medical College in MBBS program. DMC is the top-closing medical institute of Sindh Province. I have penned down my secrets into an article and an eBook in order to help the ones coming right behind me. Learn more about me.

What To Do TO Get Into MBBS?

Although I have mentioned that there’s no definite way. There are certain things most students who enter into MBBS do. Why not follow those steps and try your luck?

Remember, the mind-development of being a doctor starts from the very beginning. For some reason, if you weren’t sure in the past what you had to be in your life. And at some point, you realize that “Oh wait! I’m something of a nerdy in myself, so why not be a doctor then?” That’s pretty common.

If you didn’t set your mind before intermediate, that is acceptable. Intermediate is the point where you have to choose one way. Either here, or there. If you’re confused about which route to select, sooner or later, you’re going to bump into the road-divider!

The Eligibility criteria of admission in MBBS by PMDC [2020]

Intermediate: Minimum 65 percent (They mostly close above 67 percent )

NTS MDCAT: Minimum 100/200 marks


Intermediate score: 50 percent

NTS MDCAT score: 50 percent

Matric: zero percent!

The Pre-matric requisite

Whenever I encounter a three-foot-five girl, hanging a hefty bag, I get close to her. Ask her gently, “Where are you goin’?” Guess what she replies, “Tuition center!”

Trust me, in order to be a doctor, if you have worked hard in your primary and secondary school, that’s okay. But it’s not a necessity. If you didn’t enjoy your early teenage, that’s not cool. As it is a necessity.

If you are an above-average, in terms of grades, and you have decent concepts of Sciences, then you are going extremely well! Don’t spend the time, energy and resources on the things that don’t matter.

Matric—Important for Maniacs

An elementary school’s guy overestimates the hard work, result and the importance of matriculation.

If you’re a resident of Pakistan/India, your matric score isn’t even considered anymore. Doesn’t matter if you score 90% (like I did) or a ‘shameful 75%’. You are going to have equal chances of getting into MBBS like any other guy.

All you need to do in matric is to keep your concepts crystal clear. At least regarding basic sciences (except Maths). If something clouds your mind, go to Google or YouTube at once. Watch animated videos and clear your concepts! This is what I used to do! [That doesn’t mean you are entitled to bunk your classes though.]

Intermediate—The Decider

Once you choose Pre-Medical and spend at least 1 month in XI class, you must decide whether to carry it on or to give up. I’m not discouraging you. But if you are struggling with the basic concepts of Biology and get irritated quickly, then you must find and do something that excites you. Studying medicine unwillingly and forcefully won’t get you nowhere.

 Things To Do During Intermediate To Get Into MBBS

  • Take inspiration! You must have a personality or a dream in your head whom you could follow. Otherwise, you will lose the spirit and enthusiasm.
  • Watch YouTube animated videos regularly to clear your science-related concepts.
  • Follow science-blogs as a hobby. [It’s Boring!]
  • Either go to college or coaching, but never both at a time!
  • Prioritize your mental & physical health before your grades. A happy guy is more likely to do well in the exams than a depressed nerd.
  • Prepare yourself for class tests. But never presume your final score from your class tests. I repeat, never!
  • Always use your curriculum book as a reference.
  • Create notes that are worth. Otherwise, spend time on going through the topics and highlighting them in the book.
  • You ought to do selective learning. If you love being a ‘master of everything’, do read and understand the topics. Don’t spend time preparing descriptive answers for the question which were never asked. [For Pakistani students only.]
  • One final tip—if you get a chance to teach your friend a topic, avail it every time. Thank me later!

MDCAT—The Real Tough Guy

The life will be quite easy before and after the MDCAT exam, thought I. [It never gets easy once you get into a Medical School.] The point where you have to fight till you shed the last tear remaining in your eyes, is the preparation of MDCAT.

MDCAT constitutes 50 percent of your final score. Make sure you make the most of this responsibility.

How MDCAT Is Conducted In Pakistan? [As per PMDC regulations for 2020]

  • Mostly held in late September.
  • Conducted by NTS (National Testing Service)
  • Questions type: MCQs/BCQs (four to five options)
  • Total Questions: 200
  • Duration: 150 minutes (2:30 hours)
  • Weightage: Biology (40%), Chemistry (30%), Physics (20%) and English (10%).
  • Calculators are not allowed. [Though you have typical calculations in physics portion.]

Things To Prepare For MDCAT 2020—For Pakistani Students

  • Have an alternate to MBBS in your mind. You will be ‘lesser nervous‘.
  • No matter how well you studied during intermediate, you must get admission in an academy for MDCAT preparation. Check out the best MCAT Preparation Institutes in Karachi.
  • Prepare necessary documents before the time—20+ photographs, CNIC, domicile, PRC (Permanent Residency Certificate), etc.
  • You must thoroughly read your Biology & Chemistry textbooks at least.
  • Spend time in solving MCQs rather than memorizing key points.
  • Do create a list of key points for a quick revision.
  • Practice quick mental maths for better and accurate calculations. If you’re weak in that domain, better work on other areas.
  • At least attend three mockup tests before you appear in the final entrance test. [There are many societies who organize mockup tests.]
  • Prepare A levels MCQs from books such as Redspot, etc.
  • There’s no room for selective learning. [Which we did our whole lives.] Therefore, you have to prepare literally everything.
  • Lastly—have a firm belief, without overestimating yourself.

Things To Do on the exam day

I will be sharing only what I did on the exam day.

  • Prayed.
  • I had icecream in the breakfast.
  • Wore my favorite T-shirt. [The lightest one]
  • Was teasing my mother whether she was being nervous or not. [Since I wasn’t at all]
  • Pretending as if I had no exam. [It wasn’t because I was too well-prepared. I really want you to read how I hustled for the exam in my eBook.]
  • I was not studying on my way to examination-center.
  • Among the crowd of 20k+ people, I was literally enjoying with every person standing next to me.
  • Asked my parents not to wait for me outside the center.
  • Didn’t pay heed to the peers sitting next to me during the test.
  • I didn’t discuss my answers with anyone unless the answer key was released the same day.

Aim For The Moon

Aim for the moon, if you miss, you may hit a star. – Clement Stone

Dreaming to get into MBBS is like aiming for the moon. If you’re following the ‘golden rules’ of intellectual people, you will surely end up being in a better place than where you are right now. Nevertheless, if you don’t make it to a Medical School, you will make it to a better life.

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