Six tips for copywriting

Six Copywriting Mistakes That Put Off The Reader

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is a practice of writing sales copies for businesses. These may include white papers, adverts, landing pages, email pitches, slogans, taglines and much more. However, the tips for copywriting include having extensive digital marketing skills.

The basic purpose of copywriting is usually educating the reader about your product or services. Consequently, converting the reader into your potential customer.

What could be worse if you have spent hundreds on hiring a copywriter, but that puts the reader off your site? This is because probably your copywriter is making these traditional mistakes.

If you write copies—following these tips for copywriting would set you apart from traditional copywriters.

Mistakes that Copywriters Make—Tips For Copywriting

The tips for copywriting are more in-demand than the in-depth study of the topic. Regardless of how well you research a product or a service, if you can’t convince the reader—you are going nowhere.

The ‘About’ Section

I have gone through a number of ‘about’ pages that have bizarre content composed by the ‘Copywriters’. The reader has come to your ‘About’ page to learn about you or your business. He doesn’t give a damn how enthusiastic you are to serve him. Moreover, copywriters forget to avoid the WE-ATTITUDE in their About section.

What To Avoid In ‘About’

  • Unnecessary self-praise that could have been added on the homepage.
  • Merging the content of our vision and about us. You shouldn’t say, ‘We aim to…” Better say, “We have achieved…”
  • Lots of CTAs (Call-To-Action).
  • Convincing on the basis of aims and vision.

What To Add

  • Engaging details about your business or services that create an impression and integrity of your business.
  • Your/CEO’s photograph.
  • Faculty members and staff.
  • Relevant certifications or awards
  • Recent happy clients with testimonials
  • The number of projects you have completed.
  • A link to your portfolio/samples.
  • Finally, a CTA after clients’ testimonials.
  • YOU-ATTITUDE in the entire section. This is the core of copywriting.

This is how your about page can have a look like.

Dictionary-grabbing Vocabulary

Most copywriters confuse copywriting with an essay writing—they use extra-rich vocab. That’s not effective! You don’t have to impress your class-teacher. You have to CONVINCE your readers.

This is the basic tip for copywriting. Your reader isn’t always a native or a Ph.D. Your choice of words must be simple enough to be comprehensible by the majority of the readers.

My way is to go with the basic vocabulary, with simple sentences avoiding complexity.

Technical Terminologies

Are you a digital marketing agency? Do you deal with SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click) or SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Well, if your reader knows these things, that’s great! But what if your potential customer is an amateur startup business owner, looking for a digital marketing agency?

How come do you expect him to understand your typical abbreviations and terminologies? Therefore, use a language that could be understood by a layperson.

Where necessary, explain your terminologies; ideally with the benefits.

Lengthy Landing pages

Have you ever read the 8-seconds-attention-formula? According to it, a person can retain his attention for up to eight seconds at an average.

Does your landing page comply with this formula? Remember, the reader isn’t at your site to read a long-form essay.

This is how you can retain the attention of the reader without having a lengthy landing page.

  • Reducing the size of the paragraph up to a maximum of three sentences.
  • Add infographics.
  • Embed a relevant video.
  • Engaging the visitor into an activity. Such as allowing him to try a demo of a paid tool, asking questions, etc.

Mentioning High Prices Too Early

Copywriting doesn’t mean curtailing your prices. Tips for copywriting are meant to generate leads even though your prices are high.

How? There’s one formula I always work with. Never mention prices too early, if they are high.

First, you have to derive the reader to your site. Once you succeed to do so, your task is to educate him about your products or services. Once you have done it well, your prices won’t feel like TOO-EXPENSIVE-TO-AFFORD.

Your aim is to make the reader go, “Aww, that doesn’t matter if I spend a few extra bucks on it. I’m getting served much better here.”

Payment Insecurity

Have you ever wondered some flight tickets are expensive only because they are refundable? Strange!

Experts say, people mostly prefer the means of purchase that are secure. Do you provide security to the investment of your customers?

This is one of the greatest tips for copywriting. Provide your customers with 100 percent security of their payment. This is not only a matter of winning clients, but also the matter of your integrity and morals.

This is how you can make the payment of your clients secure.

  • Authentic payment methods.
  • Payment after the delivery.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Up to 30-days cash-back return policy.
  • Reviewing system on your website showing real-time customer reviews.


Winning the clients is not easy. Particularly when there is a huge competition with World Class Masterminds. Nevertheless, you have to struggle hard with your marketing skills, while providing value to the customer. After all, your customer is your unpaid ambassador.

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