Required Documents for Admission in Sindh Medical Colleges

The preparation for MDCAT for Sindh Medical Colleges is multidimensional. You have to prepare yourself on multiple dimensions.

Where you have to prepare for the subjects academically, you can’t ignore the importance of the documents that are required to get admission in Sindh Medical Colleges. Check out my recent article on things to do to get into MBBS.

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Documents You Must have for Admission In Sindh Medical Colleges

Documentation is so important that I must say that you may HIT A STAR without any preparation for the exam. But you can’t get nowhere without the necessary documents.

The necessary documents have been listed in accordance with the admission policies of PM&DC for the year 2019-20.

Note that the list of the required documents may or may not change when the final announcements are made.

Attestation of Documents

All the documents, including photographs, are supposed to be attested by a govt. officer of at least 17 grade or above.

You can get your documents attested in bulk from Civic Center, Karachi.

1. Photographs

PM&DC and NTS love photographs! For every single form you fill, they will demand a minimum of three passport-sized photographs.

I suggest you have a handful of at least 20 passport-sized photographs with a blue background, prepared before the MDCAT 2020.

If you have a scanned photograph, you can remove and change its background here.

2. Matriculation / O-levels Certificate

Note that these are the certificates, not the mark-sheets. These certificates are granted by the respective institutes.

You would definitely need to get its 3-4 copies done before the time.

3. Matric / O-levels Mark-sheet

Everyone has it! It is a reminder to go back to your closets and remove the dust from it. Finally, it’s useful somewhere!

Again, the attested copies would be entertained only.

3. Matric marks sheet / O-level transcript certificate

A number of copies of the matric marks sheet must be available to you.

Note that the matric score has no weightage in your final score for the merit list.

4. HSC Pre-Medical Provisional Certificate

This certificate is provided by the colleges by the end of the HSC-II. Make sure you get yours and make its 3-4 copies.

5. HSC Pre-Medical marks sheet / A-level transcript certificate

Check out the minimum marks required for eligibility for admissions in Sindh Medical Schools.

6. Candidate’s Domicile

You can apply for your domicile and PRC at once from DC office of your district.

Check out the pre-requisites of applying for Domicile here.

7. Candidate’s PRC (Permanent Residence Certificate) a.k.a Form ‘C’

PRC comes in attached with the Domicile. It has significant importance in a number of institutes. For example, students with a PRC of interior Sindh may not get admission to a few colleges.

8. Father’s Domicile

Your father’s domicile has to be resized from A-3 to A-4 size and its copies should be attested.

Finally, at the time of admission, the institute may keep your father’s original domicile.

9. CNIC / ‘B’ Form (for under 18) of the candidate

If you are above 18, take a fancy to go to Mega Center Nadra office and get your CNIC within a week or two.

10. CNIC of Father

Father’s CNIC is one of the basic required documents for admission in Sindh Medical Colleges.

11. Hafiz-e-Quran Certificate (If Applicable)

Most recommended is that you should attend the bi-annual tests conducted by Wafaq-ul-Madaris and get the certificate this summer.

The consideration of any other certificate isn’t confirmed.

12. Disability Certificate (If applicable)

Most of the universities have a separate (1-2) seats in each batch for a special candidate, provided he/she owns a certificate.

The Documents You Need After The MDCAT

You must ready these basic documents after the MDCAT.

Entry Test Roll No. Slip

This is the admit card for attending the MDCAT exam that would be delivered to your postal address. You must take its original copy for the exam and make its copies for its use in the admission process.

Photocopy of Entry Test Result

NTS announces results on their web only. You are supposed to take its screenshot and print it out.

University Copy of Paid Fee Voucher

When the prospectuses are available, candidates are supposed to purchase them (in our times, we had to buy from any TCS branch), fill out the application forms, pay the fee from the attached vouchers and deliver all the required documents to the Tagged district address (A given university).

A few Additional Documents

You may require some additional documents during and after the admission process.


An affidavit is a sort of character certificate. It is printed on a 100 RS stamp paper at the civic center.

The format of the affidavit will be provided in the prospectus.

Medical schools are waiting for a young fresh batch! Wish you all the best to be a part of that LUCKY batch!


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